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Workman's Lunch

Executive Lunchtime Play Parties

Get in, get off and back to work!*

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Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-3pm* in Midtown. $30.


Wall Street Wednesdays 12-3pm* in Tribeca. $35.

* Note: Arrive right at noon or very shortly thereafter. Most guys are on their lunch break, so they're in and out, and almost all of the action takes place during the first 90 minutes. We often wrap up around 2pm or whenever everyone leaves.



dress code: underwear or less (sign up for more info).

Condoms, lube, clean-up supplies and garment/bag check included.

Free and Confidential STI Testing WEDNESDAYS

We offer free and confidential HIV and other STI testing through Mount Sinai's Sexual Liberation Project every other Wednesday from 12-2pm at our Tribeca location. Sign up for the mailing list below to get dates in our weekly email. You can email us if you need to get tested or get a referral for PeP, for example, and can't wait for the weekly email, which usually goes out late Sun/early Mon. 

Mount Sinai does testing on site with on-the-spot results for HIV, syphilis and Hepatitis C (takes 20 minutes) and they call or email results for chlamydia and gonorrhea several days later.

Testing is a resource for all men regardless of whether they pay to enter the party. The tester takes guys on a
 first-come, first-served basis, so arrive early to avoid wait times. Because each time slot is 20 minutes, a maximum of six guys can be seen per party. If the party ends before 2pm, which happens sometimes, the tester will stop taking appointments.

Add your email below for addresses and to join the list. If you don't see the form below, try clicking here.

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