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Arrive at the very beginning. This party is full of guys on their lunch hour so the action is quick. Getting there early gives you a chance to see who's there and go with your best option(s). Arrive during the first hour. The party often ends as early as 1:30ish, because everyone has to get back to work, so promptness is crucial. We'll stay open until 3pm as long as there are guys still playing. If just one person remains, however, the party is over.

Clothes check is required. We give you a hanger and a bag to hang your clothes on. We take as much of your stuff as you need to leave at no charge. Please tip for good service. Bags aren't allowed inside the play space.

Undress Code. You have to get into some kind of male underwear bottoms (briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, jockstrap) or you may be naked, but please keep your shoes on. Please don't wear shorts as underwear.

No bags inside play space.

No cell phones inside play space.
Check them with your stuff and put on silent, please.

Smoking. No smoking of anything is allowed.
Play nice. Don't be too aggressive and don't show up too fucked up to play or we'll ask you to return another day.

Don'ts. Watersports (piss play), fisting and scat are not allowed. Toys are discouraged but if you must bring one it must be carried on your person or in a clear plastic bag.

Poppers are allowed but be careful. You're a big boy, so feel free to bring them if you know what you're doing, but if you're on blood pressure medication or you've take a penis pill like Viagra, Levitra or Cialis, think twice as popper use can cause cardiac arrest. We've had guys pass out before from using poppers, so don't let that be you! We don't sell poppers and we do not allow Maximum Impact or similar pressurized inhalants.

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